viral paragliding video

Origin of the meme

Vipin Sahu tour of manali made him famous. He is from Banda, Uttar Pradesh and he shot his own video at manali while paragliding and his unique reactions makes the video more hilarious

Meme Dialogue

  1. Aur me Aasman ki unchaiyon me.
  2. charo taraf kohra hi kohra hai.
  3. 100 200 jyada lele
  4. Land kara de.
  5. Ab isse jyada uncha nahi hoga.
  6. me mada*ch*d hu jo isme aya hun.
  7. Mar aur mar mujhe.
  8. Video ma ch*dane jaye video.

Full Video

Full Story

Vipin was attemping this for the first time, at the start he run for the fly and was about to enjoy the rides. But soon he realise it is no more entertteinig but fearfull ride. He also offered 500rs to the guide for early landing . If we check the interview of vipin he is telling some incidence also like.. "A lady messaged me saying that she was having a fight with her husband when they started watching this video on TV. They both laughed so much as if they hadn't for a long time," he shares, adding that he has "nothing else to ask for."

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