mat maan maa ch@da meme template with video reference


There is a photo getting viral these days in which a kid sitting on couch. This photo is used a lot as meme template in india nowdays. Everyone wants to see the video of that kid. But you will be surprised after knowing origin of the meme.


There was one boy whose name is Yotube (Not YouTube) and he is Facebook user, He has updated his profile pic on March 3rd, 2015, Photograph is like he is sitting on couch and looking directly at the camera. Following the discovery of the profile by the online community, this and another photograph of the boy proceeded to get used in memes. Online, the boy is also known as Staring Kid, Irony Kid and "Got Your Nose" Kid. But as always indian memers have added slang to this cute meme as mat maan maa ch@da.

Origin of Mat maan meme template

Yotube has updated is profile pic on March 3rd, 2015, profile picture is like a photograph of a boy dressed in a blue shirt sitting on a couch, looking directly at the camera (shown on above pic). The post gained over 3,200 likes in four years. On the same day, Yotube posted another photograph to the profile, this time of the boy showing a "Got Your Nose" hand gesture (also known as fig sign) to the camera. (shown below).

How it gets viral

The date of the profile going viral is estimated to be September 26th, 2017, with the exact reason for it gaining online attention is currently unknown. May be because photo looks so wiered and cute together. Starting on September 26th, 2017, multiple Facebook users commented please update the profile picture. On September 28th, 2017, a screenshot of that profile picture and comment were reposted to huge extent in funny ways.

Other Fake stories

There are many fake stories about thise viral picture spread by many indians. Stories like... This boy is from pakistan. He is 10 years old and he is abusing about his hostel rectors over national television.

Origin of Fake Story of Mat maan meme template

There are some boys in hostel in pakistan, where childern are getting abused by their rectors in night. So media got to know about this incident and they went thier to take thier interview where boys explained how they get fuc**ed by thier rectors in night. This boy is one of them. So over national telvision he abused his rectors/gardians and explained they whay they get fuc**ed. When interviewer denied to belive in his story he told him "Mat Maan maa ch**a" and this line got viral. But thise story is completely fake because boy has not at all connection with pakistan or any hostel, and that incident of hostel is of india with other kids have nothing to do with it. So, for those who have spread fake stories.

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